The Next Committee Meeting is:

Thursday 7th of September 6:30PM @ Bluegum Reserve Karalee

The Committee for 2017

President: Steven Clark
Vice President: Ian Baker
Secretary: Lorinda (Rinny) Risbey
Assistant Secretary: Anthea McKewen
Treasurer: Steph Rankin
Assistant Treasurer: Charissa Cox
Registrar: Nyree Clark
Grants and Funding Coordinator: Tom Borkowski
Committee Members: Glen Cox and Betty Stuart.
Schools Liaison officers: Shaun Jeffries and Chris Sefont
Website Coordinator: Gabrielle Risbey and Hayden Caldow

Meet the Committee

The President

Steven Clark

“Clarky” is the “go to” man for all of the “big issues” for the club. His job is to facilitate committee meetings and make sure that decisions are made in a democratic manner. Clarky has been involved at the grassroots level of the club for years – he knows what it is like to get a team on the paddock.

His major non-administrative contribution comes from his dedication to being a FAO – level 2. He does this at Rep level for the Ipswich Diggers as well.

He is approachable and considerate in his views and that means all of your queries and suggestions will be carefully listened to and put to the committee for thorough analysis.

He brings a clear vision of progress for your children:

1. make the game safer,
2 make the game more enjoyable so that your kid is more involved and
3 provide development opportunities to make your kid a more skillful player.

Any decision the committee makes is made against this model. (Does it make it safer? Does it increase player involvement? does it increase player development?)

That’s why Clarky is the man. Get down to the club and make yourself known to him. Shake his hand. Our fearless leader.

The Treasurer

Steph Rankin

Meet Steph Ranking, our number cruncher. The Treasurer. The buck stops with Steph. Steph’s job  is to ensure we run our “non-profit” entity the best way we can – that is to deliver “bang for buck”. To invest any pennies back into the players and the parents who are member’s of the club.

No mon, no fun. And since we are a club about “fun, fitness and friendships”, Stephs job is to keep the cash flowing. Cash flows in and cash flows out. That’s why it’s called a cash flow! ….

Canteen sales, sponsorships and playing fees are the biggest cash flows “ins”. Steph’s primary role is to manage this and let the committee know how much “do re mi” is available for expending on activities/equipment that:

  1. Make the game safer
  2. gets more kids involved
  3. develops the playing skills of more kids

Steph has been with the club for 4 years and actively involved in admin and managerial positions for the last 2 years. Steph is a “super-mum” she doesn’t even watch NRL! so that gives you an indication of the commitment she makes to the game for her children.

The Treasurer has a tough job. Probably the toughest. saying “no” is one of the hardest things we have to do. Particularly when ki9ds are involved. Steph brings a unique blend of commercialism and compassion to the role, and ideal mix for the Treasurer. We are lucky to have her.



The Registrar

Nyree Clark

Meet Nyree Clark, our registrar, our signer upperer. Nyree’s main responsibility is to take all of the pain out of making sure your kid is signed on. Helping you through the online process, helping you with the get started grants, helping you with the club transfers. there is a lot of confusing paperwork out there – but not if Nyree is involved – like a knife through hot butter, and BANG!, all the confusion is gone.

Nyree has been a stalwart at the club for a number of years and is going back to the role she held last year as Club Registrar. She too is a keen footy mum and part of a rugby league mad family.

Nyree will find herself busier than a onearmed bricklayer in Baghdad over the next 4 months – this is the critical time for club registrar – they are our first point of contact for everyone wanting to sign on. Therefore you will see a lot more posts about Nyree more than any other member of the Committee moving forward.